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If you want to restore the alkalinity you need to eat lots of:

And eat less or even eliminate entirely from your diet:

Most grains
Packaged, processed snacks
Canned foods

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  • UreaSmith

    People have been eating meat and eggs for millennia.

    • Hveragerthi

      Truth: “Actually humans couldn’t have possibly always eaten meat. Humans existed for a long time before they invented weapons and traps and discovered how to harness fire.”

      LOL!!! You don’t need fire to eat animals. Nor do all animals need weapons or traps to collect. Insects are animals. Then there are things like snails, mussels, chitons, limpets, earthworms, etc. that can all be caught without either. Some animals such as snakes can be killed with a rock or stick. And then there is also the possibility that early humans were opportunistic feeders also feeding on the remains of kills by other animals. So again you are posting claims that you cannot back and are only based on your assumptions.

    • Truth

      Hveragerthi Hahaha typical response in order to protect the biased agenda. You yourself don’t even believe what you just said. You said it in a desperate effort to protect your biased agenda. Snails? Ok they are a tiny bit bigger than an insect but not available everywhere. Have you ever looked at a map? Humans have inhabited most parts of the planet for a long time and SCIENCE has shown humans had no weapons of any kind for a long time and ate almost exclusively plants before inventing weapons. Now take yourself to the Middle East or the plains of Africa or the Mongolian step and show me the snails you would have been eating a million years ago. Go out tomorrow and catch, kill, and eat an animal bigger than an insect without any weapons or traps using only your bare hands and I will come to your house and hand you $10,000 in cash. Deal?

    • Truth

      Hveragerthi Also eating dead animals in an opportunist way is for scavenger animals that have special acids in their stomach that we don’t have dumbass. Ok I have a better challenge for you. I will throw a rib roast in my backyard and let it sit for a couple of days and then you come and eat it for $10,000. Hahahahaha wow are you stupid. Their is a reason why we quickly slaughter, quickly freeze, quickly heat, and quickly refrigerate flesh. It’s because it is the only way we can unnaturally consume it. Duh.

    • Hveragerthi

      Truth: “Hveragerthi Also eating dead animals in an opportunist way is for scavenger animals that have special acids in their stomach that we don’t have dumbass. ”

      ROTFLMAO!!!! OMG, what a complete IMBECILE you are!!!!! Scavengers like hyenas have hydrochloric acid in their stomachs just like humans. Note that this is a SINGULAR acid as as well, not the plural acids as you falsely claim. And what is so special about hycrochloric acid since many animals produce it?

      Truth: “Ok I have a better challenge for you. I will throw a rib roast in my backyard and let it sit for a couple of days and then you come and eat it for $10,000. Hahahahaha wow are you stupid. ”

      Nah, if I was stupid then I would be falling for your BS!!! Luckily I have a far superior intellect than the complete imbecile arguing with me.

      Truth: “Their is a reason why we quickly slaughter, quickly freeze, quickly heat, and quickly refrigerate flesh. It’s because it is the only way we can unnaturally consume it. Duh.”

      More proof of what a complete imbecile you are. Have you ever seen the open air markets in some parts of the world like China and India where the meats can hang there UNREFRIGERATED and with flies on them for days? And yet people do not get sick from this. And what about the consumption of raw fish. How did the early settlers keep meat and other goods without spoiling despite not having freezers or refrigerators? There is so much more to this that you simply do not understand because you apparently never bothered to get a proper education. For example people have preserved foods through salting, drying and fermenting and raw food or meats hanging in markets were prepared with herbs or spices that kill the pathogenic bacteria.

      And if you were not such a complete imbecile you would have also realized other facts such as early man could have had higher stomach acid levels, especially since they would have also eaten more bitter foods. This helps keep stomach acid levels up, killing bacteria in the food.

      There is the fact that you can build a tolerance or resistance to bacteria. Since you obviously don’t have any intelligence at least use some common sense. When the European settlers came to the Americas why did the diseases that were not killing the Europeans in large numbers kill so many of the natives?

    • Janet S Martin

      +Hveragerthi also eating dead animals is less painful for the animal

  • Donna

    why doc don’t say this! 🤔

    • Light being

      Donna Chesser If there are no patients they dont get paid

    • Donna

      Light being actually I promise I know own this 1000000000% I was just wondering if anyone else was awake. This is why I make my own apple cider vinegar

    • Hveragerthi

      Because the claims are complete nonsense being made by uneducated people for the sake of profit at the expense of people’s health and lives. Sounds like big pharma.

    • Hveragerthi

      THEONLYWAYISBREXIT: “profit…..bicarb  1p a pint..kemo £100 a pill.”

      So what does it cost to treat the numerous health problems ingesting baking soda can cause including cancer?

    • Hveragerthi

      THEONLYWAYISBREXIT: “+Hveragerthi You cant except it when I say to the readers on here GO
      CHECK for their self if they don’t believe or are not sure..
      you don’t ..case closed  just like your closed mind.”

      Wow. not very intelligent are you?!!!!

  • fung whyou

    Here’s the problem with the baking soda and apple cider vinegar thing if you have baking soda that neutralizes acid then by adding the baking soda to the apple cider vinegar it neutralizes the acid in the apple cider vinegar so if there is supposedly any health benefit there it’s neutralized

    • fung whyou


      actually hes right some foods change when digested it reacts to the acid in your stomach and the flora in your gut

    • Anthony Cu

      fung whyou aadaaaaddddaaaaaasaaaaaaasaaaasgaadsdaaadaaaadasddasadaadfaadadaddassaasaadaaaassassassa

    • fung whyou

      +Anthony Cu
      IM SORRY MY TRANSLATE DOESNT CONVERT MORON can we do that again in English

    • Anthony Cu

      fung whyou Thank you for showing the world how completely aggressive people have become. My iPad doesn’t work properly sometimes and then I lose control of typing in anything at all. This seemed to had happen here by responding on your comment without me noticing. By the way don’t expect the worst from people starting call them moron indirectly. Rather start to think why someone would willingly post this gibberish. That would be a proper characteristic a true moron, for me anyway. So my question: can we do that in humane? Thanks

    • fung whyou

      +Anthony Cu

      not my problem and dont care but
      a:you have a virus
      b:do an update and get 360 total security
      c:get a new pc

  • CMV Robison

    Drink that drink that you suggest once a day? For how long? I drink 16 oz organic lemon water with 2 tablespoons of organic acv every morning. I have been doing this for a couple of years. I dont do the baking soda. Should I? So, how do I know if my body is perfectly balanced or not? I have none of those 4 signs. I would like to know how close to a 7 I am, but how?

    • Hveragerthi

      TaD D: “CMV Robison: Buy some pH strips and test your urine in the morning..your first pee.”

      Why, urinary pH DOES NOT reflect blood pH. Urinary pH is affected by hydration levels, certain supplements and medications, exercise, things in diet or by degradation of food products and by bacteria in the urine.  Urinary tract infections lead to highly alkaline urine as the bacteria use the enzyme urease to split urea in to highly alkaline ammonia. The alkalinity helps the bacteria, as with most pathogens, to survive.

      The ONLY way to determine blood pH is with a blood test.

      TaD D: “If you’re doing those things already I don’t feel you need to do aluminium free bicarbonate soda. ”

      ALL bicarbonate soda (sodium bicarbonate, baking soda) is aluminum free. People are confusing baking soda with baking powder. Some baking powders contain aluminum salts.

    • Hveragerthi


      Baking soda and bicarbonate of soda are the same thing.

    • CMV Robison

      THEONLYWAYISBREXIT Its the same thing!!

    • Hveragerthi

      THEONLYWAYISBREXIT: “Now you show your ignorance,,,baking soda has ally in it,,bicarbonate is what you get right from the salts spings like Epsom salts that’s bicarb..baking soda will harm you,bicarb wont.”

      Now that is fantastic example of true and complete ignorance!!!! Baking soda, also known as bicarbonate of soda, is sodium carbonate. Thus sodium, hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. See, NO aluminum.

      Ignorant people keep confusing baking POWDER with baking soda. Some baking powders contain aluminum salts unlike baking soda.

      So baking soda and bicarbonate of soda both have the same adverse effects on the body as both are the same exact thing.

      Although naturally occurring baking soda is more apt to have aluminum since aluminum is so abundant in the Earth’s crust. Same reason plants contain aluminum most of the time since they pick up aluminum from the soil.

    • Hveragerthi

      THEONLYWAYISBREXIT: “baking soda adds alliminium to baicarbinate”

      Again that is COMPLETE NONSENSE!!!!!! Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. NO aluminum in it. These ignorant people keep confusing baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) with baking POWDER. Some baking powders have aluminum salts added to them. Baking soda and baking powder ARE NOT the same thing!!!!

  • frosted1030

    This is nonsense. The ph of your body doesn’t have anything to do with any of this.

    • frosted1030

      +D Patrick If you can’t support your statement, can’t give clear citations, and poorly source your data, why are you surprised that it’s easily discredited?

    • Iryna Zhylyak

      frosted1030 so ok let’s say ph has nothing to do with this. What’s your theory? What are you trying to prove?

    • D Patrick

      frosted who says? you? but your a troll, more people on this thread agree with me then you so who is discredited? Do you only believe things with citations? what if the building was on fire would you require some one to provide a citation? How about some common sense?

    • frosted1030

      +D Patrick “frosted who says? you?” Says anyone that cares about quality information more than fad nonsense.

      “How about some common sense?” Common sense won’t get you very far. Science isn’t common sense, and that makes it more powerful. With that building fire concept, you gather a great deal of valid information, then there’s the forensics later to determine how the fire started and spread. Do you think we developed “common sense” forensics, or we used citations and detailed analysis? Go find some child to play with. You seem of like mind.

  • Tesla Nick

    The human body regulates it’s own ph levels, nothing you could eat will change that.
    Bullshit claims based on woo woo nonsense.

  • Pepper96

    So basically the video is saying to go vegan lol. Its painfully obvious that meat and animal products are highly acidic and cause all sorts of health issues like clogged arteries, obesity, heart disease (#1 killer in the US), diabetes and cancer. The doctors aren’t gonna tell you the truth because they WANT you to be sick all the time so you keep paying for medication for the rest of your life. If you take care of your body, it will take care of you. Whole plant foods is the answer to optimal health. Your diet is your medicine! Say no to meat and dairy.

    • Brian Lapp

      Actually Meat is only Mildly Acidic and is recommended by most PhD’s in moderation for superior health..Vegans have their own health issues to deal with as well. I do believe their is alot of work to be done in how we treat animimals and the over consumption of meat..But A healthy balance on the low moderate side is healthy. The human body benefits from being slightly alkaline not the extreme end…

    • Pepper96

      Yeah but lets not forget that humans have ZERO nutritional requirements for animal products. So why even bother trying to moderate the consumption of those products? Why not have a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds, and legumes? And by the way, the only way to treat animals better is to NOT kill them. Nothing in between.

    • That Guy

      There is nothing wrong with meat and going vegan won’t solve health issues. Animal meats actually contain many essential vitamins and amino acids. I can be vegan and drink a 12 pack everyday and only eat high sugar foods and suffer major health complications. “Not eating meat” is not a guaranteed health benefit. Also, believe it or not, a lot of doctors want to help their patients get better. The pharmaceutical companies on the other hand do not, I’ll give you that.

    • Cheyenne Frasier

      Going vegan also causes health problems Lol.

  • PhuckHue2

    bullshit. your body automatically balances pH

    • Science based Training & Nutrition

      +Nym Net I could teach you about human anatomy & physiology, the respiratory system, the renal system, how food does not impact ph, but something tells me you still won’t get it.

    • Nym Net

      Thanks. I’ve had a very interesting time this past 12+ months proving to renal specialists that I could actually use food to change my system and avoid their gloom and doom forecasts. Within a year I have had to be taken completely off blood pressure medication; my vitamin D is now off the chart (very important for renal function) and this comes after being on an Australian Government authority prescribed D3 since 2004. I didn’t do a lot of researching back then…not until I did some uni some yrs ago and used the opportunity to dig up gold in the databases, but I knew something was amiss when my renal and GP kept saying my vitamin D was low after every blood test. Logic me says: So, should I increase the dose? GP says: No, no. My renal function has actually improved to the point that my renal specialist has dropped my checkups back to every 6mths. I grow my own food and live very simply’ – it’s working so far and the blood work proves it. So far lol.

      Thanks all for your comments. Stay well.

    • Eva Aviva

      very smart, intelligent person!

    • Science based Training & Nutrition

      +Nym Net I wish you all the best. Still doesn’t mean food changes normal, healthy people’s ph. Cheers.

    • Hveragerthi

      Nym Net: “I’ve had a very interesting time this past 12+ months proving to renal specialists that I could actually use food to change my system and avoid their gloom and doom forecasts. ”

      Nobody is denying certain foods can improve health. What is being questioned is the fallacy that foods alter blood pH. You still have proven they do since they DON’T!!!!

  • Jesus Sanchez

    american education is one sided..

  • Jason Grey

    Sooooo pretty much whoever made this video tryna trick everyone into being a Vegetarian 😂😂

  • G.Lizardpie Byemrowl

    1/2 lemon juice every morning before any meal or alkaline water

    • Osama Al Mulki

      G.Lizardpie Byemrowl ,, glad to hear that , it’s really good,I have been having it with my family for a couple of years, made a big difference, ,hope you always have a good health,

    • Hveragerthi

      Osama Al Mulki: “Hveragerthi ،،actually it was tarry,”

      Tarry indicates the bleed is from the intestine, not the stomach. That rules out the lemon juice causing stomach bleeding. The acids are neutralized by pancreatic bicarbonate as the acid leaves the stomach.

    • G.Lizardpie Byemrowl

      Osama Al Mulki thank you the benefits in my life and people around me your advise help me and that little issue now I drink 15minutes before my breakfast and have worm water

    • Osama Al Mulki

      G.Lizardpie Byemrowl ،،good for you, , I do hope you all get all the benefits of it , you know it’s not good for the stomach only , but for the colon as well,

    • Sheldon neil

      Osama Al Mulki m

  • michael hammond

    1% of the population is allergic to gluten, the other 99% are sick of hearing about it.

  • sicktoaster

    Isn’t that scale with acidic being poor health and alkaline being good health a bit oversimplified? Most people at least in the West eat a diet that is too acidic, but it’s still possible to eat a diet that is too alkaline and I wouldn’t be surprised if the people who end up becoming too alkaline are those who overcompensate when they read about how people’s diets are too acidic.

    • Mark Holm

      Hveragerthi At first, I was confused, because of your use of the word “hypercalcemia”. This seemed to conflict with the description in the Wikipedia article “Akalosis”. Your final sentence, though says the same thing as the Wikipedia article: that rising pH causes blood proteins to bind calcium ion, resulting in reduced free calcium, leading to muscle spasms.

    • Hveragerthi

      Mark Holm: “Hveragerthi At first, I was confused, because of your use of the word “hypercalcemia”. This seemed to conflict with the description in the Wikipedia article “Akalosis”. Your final sentence, though says the same thing as the Wikipedia article: that rising pH causes blood proteins to bind calcium ion, resulting in reduced free calcium, leading to muscle spasms.”

      Free calcium does not induce muscle contractions:


      Here is more on the process:


    • Mark Holm

      Hveragerthi I think we are misunderstanding each other a little. What I am reading, at the second site you linked to, and at the Wikipedia article, and what I understood you to mean before, is that increased pH (reduced hydrogen ion concentration) causes blood proteins to bind more calcium ions. This binding reduces the ionic calcium (what I, perhaps too loosely, referred to as free calcium) in the blood that is free for other purposes. It is the reduction in calcium ion concentration that causes tetany, muscle spasm. BUT, that seems to conflict with the mechanism of action of muscle, which requires calcium to contract. So, I am missing something. That is not surprising, since I have a poor understanding of the whole muscle contraction process. It appears that calcium ion is involved at more than one stage in muscle contraction.

    • Mark Holm

      Hveragerthi OK, here is a helpful paragraph from the Wikipedia article, “Tetany”.

      “Hypocalcemia: It is the primary cause of tetany. Low ionized calcium levels in the extracellular fluid increase the permeability of neuronal membranes to sodium ion, causing a progressive depolarization, which increases the possibility of action potentials. This occurs because calcium ions interact with the exterior surface of sodium channels in the plasma membrane of nerve cells. When calcium ions are absent the voltage level required to open voltage gated sodium channels is significantly altered (less excitation is required).[1] If the plasma Ca2+ decreases to less than 50% of the normal value of 9.4 mg/dl, action potentials may be spontaneously generated, causing contraction of peripheral skeletal muscles. Hypocalcemia is not a term for tetany but is rather a cause of tetany.”

    • Hveragerthi

      In short the reason I wrote a “form of” hypercalcemia is because there is an influx of excess calcium in to the muscles. Although hypercalcemia by more specific definition is high serum calcium I did not want to go through a long explanation of why this occurs and seemed to be the best way to simplify it. Apparently that was not the case. Another way to look at this is research how a calcium influx also leads to the contraction of rigor mortis.

  • Mason Maurer

    I have sensitive teeth but I have a bad habit of not brushing my teeth so I don’t fucking know

  • Mike Robo

    Above ph 7 keeps cancer cells away

    • Hveragerthi

      THEONLYWAYISBREXIT: “you got no cred..because you don’t think people should check around and see whats being said elsewhere..you Marxist dictator.”

      I already addressed your lies in my last post. Here it is again since it is in another thread:

      THEONLYWAYISBREXIT: “i just tell the you tubers to go away and check it out..you keep saying don’t..”

      Why are you lying again? Do you really think that helps your already nil credibility? I NEVER told people not to go check things out. I am the one that keeps telling people to research claims from credible sites, not sales or propaganda sites.

      THEONLYWAYISBREXIT: “now who do you think as the most cred me who says go and look for your self   or you who says don’t.”

      Well being that you just lied AGAIN the person with the real credibility is ME, not the pathologically lying you!!!

      THEONLYWAYISBREXIT: “debate iv debated you under the table pal.”

      ROTFLMAO!!! Making up crap then claiming the other person is wrong with no proof to the contrary IS NOT debating me under the table. It simply implies that you are delusional. Of course I already knew that.

      THEONLYWAYISBREXIT: “the public will decide after they go and see for their self/”

      Yes, so what are you going to do when everyone else sees you have been making crap up and not supporting your faulty claims?

      THEONLYWAYISBREXIT: “I’m sure you work at boots the chemist and want sell over priced drugs..shame on you.”

      See, there you go with your delusions again. I do not sell drugs. If I did I am sure I could sell you some drugs to help you with those paranoid delusions you are clearly suffering from!!!!!

    • Hveragerthi

      THEONLYWAYISBREXIT: “.iv heard all you have to say on everything  ”

      Apparently not since you are assuming a lot!!!!

      THEONLYWAYISBREXIT: “.alternative cures are cures”

      Never said they were not. So great example of your assuming instead of paying attention.

      THEONLYWAYISBREXIT: “they are a lot cheaper than the big pharma”

      Wow, you got something right.

      THEONLYWAYISBREXIT: “and the use of bicab soda is just one of those cures for lots of things”

      It does not cure squat. Like pharmaceutical drugs it can mask the symptoms of certain things. For example, it can mask the symptoms of acid reflux while making the underlying condition worse just like other antacids.

      And as pointed out so many times ingesting baking soda WILL NOT cure cancer. The practice INCREASES the risk of cancer and other diseases as well as promotes existing cancers.

      THEONLYWAYISBREXIT: “you say don’t listen to that..”

      When did I say that? Hint, NEVER!!! I believe 100% in PROVEN holistic therapies. Not the quackery that is promoted as holistic and gives holistic medicine a bad name. That is why I keep telling people to do their homework researching claims from CREDIBLE sources. Not from sales or propaganda sites and definitely not from lying gullible fools like you.

      Tell you what. You think ingesting baking soda cures cancer. So explain to everyone here how it is the baking soda somehow magically survives the stomach acid. Then explain to everyone here how this supposedly kills cancer cells that already have an alkaline internal pH that cancer cells need to survive and drive glycolysis. Here is your chance to prove how smart you think you are. And when you cannot explain all this because none of what you are claiming is true then everyone else will also know what a gullible fool you are.

      THEONLYWAYISBREXIT: “I say don’t listen to this idiot go and look else where”

      Go ahead and try answering the above. Then everyone will see who the idiot, or in your case who the imbecile truly is.

      THEONLYWAYISBREXIT: “you say bicarb and baking are the same I say they are not  baking soda has other toxic ingreadiants if you use them for health reasons..they are for cooking only..”

      Actually you are already proving what an imbecile you are. As I already pointed out to you bicarbonate of soda is sodium bicarbonate. Baking soda is also sodium bicarbonate. NOTHING added to either one. So what are the toxic ingredients other than the sodium bicarbonate itself, which again has some serious adverse health effects when ingested?

      Since you obviously don’t know how to do even basic research and you will not listen to people vastly more educated than you such as myself let me help you out:


      “Baking soda and bicarbonate of soda are different names for the same
      thing; in Australia, we mostly refer to it as bicarbonate of soda, but
      overseas, especially in America, it is referred to as baking soda.”

      So do you really want to keep making a complete fool out of yourself arguing they are not the same thing?!!!

      THEONLYWAYISBREXIT: “I say there are 100s of first hand accounts on line that contradict you…”

      Again, testimonials ARE NOT proof of anything. People lie in testimonials all the time and they also tend to leave out important facts such as other things they did that have been proven to work.

      Look at the Vernon Johnston case. A YouTube video is up claiming he cured his prostate cancer using baking soda. Sounds really good until you do your homework and find out he died of cancer in 2014.

      So again, if you want to convince people explain to everyone here how it is the baking soda somehow magically survives the stomach acid. Then explain to everyone here how this supposedly kills cancer cells that already have an alkaline internal pH that cancer cells need to survive and drive glycolysis.

      THEONLYWAYISBREXIT: “fact..and if you need me to say it a million times more I will because the suffering of my fellow man means a lot to me ”

      If that were true then why do you keep promoting this complete nonsense? If you really cared about other humans you would apply all this energy you are wasting arguing over something you clearly know nothing about and you would apply that energy to actually educating yourself on basic chemistry and human physiology so you would understand how you are so DANGEROUSLY WRONG!!!!!!!!

    • Hveragerthi


      There you go proving yet once again what a complete imbecile you are. No wonder you are so attracted to a nutcase who claims cancer and Candida are the same thing. Clearly neither one of you ever received a proper education.

      In addition, I have pointed out NUMEROUS times that what Simoncini is doing will kill cancer cells. The process also kills healthy cells in the process just like chemo. This is because Simoncini is injecting a concentrated solution directly in to or next to the tumor, which kills ALL cells by a strong osmotic shift.

      Ingesting baking soda is a completely different thing. The baking soda is neutralized by the stomach acid forming carbonic acid and sodium chloride salt. And even if it could make it to the bloodstream it would get so diluted in the blood that it still would not have any effect on the already alkaline cancer cells.

      To the contrary the ingestion of baking soda INCREASES the risk of cancer and NUMEROUS other diseases and conditions and promotes existing cancers for a variety of reasons. Read this thread:


    • Hveragerthi

      THEONLYWAYISBREXIT: “there you go again trying to put people off doing some research on stuff you disagree with,,,facist.”

      There you go lying again and acting like a complete a** as usual!!!!

      Where did I say or imply people do no research? I encourage people to do research from CREDIBLE sources all the time. YouTube is not a credible source because it is full of nutcases like you trying to mislead people in to following proven quackery. Why not spend all that energy providing the evidence of proven holistic therapies. There is plenty out there, such as ozone therapy and a lot of herbs, but for some reason are so focused on promoting proven quackery instead then constantly attacking those who question what you think is your authority and your claims.

      Does that make you the fascist since you think the only person who should have a voice is you and you feel the overwhelming desire to try and silence anyone who contradicts your unproven claims?

  • Dizzy

    if our body sits at 7.35 pH then why would a much higher pH help us?

  • TheLordshinnok

    Great video I’ve poor immune system I eat acidic diet.

    • Hveragerthi

      All diets are “acidic” as ALL foods metabolize in to acids. Even the so-called “alkaline foods”.

      By the way the immune system is dependent on ascorbic acid and pantothenic acid to name a few for proper function. And many dietary acids are antiseptic and antioxidant. The alkalize for health thing is a hoax.

  • victory Leo

    drink Braggs organic apple cider vinegar with the mother 2tbsp & 8oz water

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