Crushing Weight: Jacob’s Story | A Cincinnati Children’s Documentary

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Jacob Miller's weight was killing him. By the time he was a teenager, he was gaining 100 pounds a year. At his heaviest, he was 6-foot-5 and 707 pounds. And he was just 15.

This is Jacob's story.

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  • Phylicia Baxter

    does he have a medical issue that makes him gain weight

  • killerflipflop

    his dad is a security guard at my school

  • FTW Extremescoper

    I feel like giving Jacob a HUG!

  • Haley Oster

    Wait so he ate healthy and lost weight?? Weird.

  • Jose Hernandez

    God bless you kid you are so cute

  • lps ellie vlog

    Jacob has a beautiful soul so it dosent matter what he looks like

  • Allyson Juan

    at 12:12 I swear to god I thought that was him after 12 months I was like damn

    • KrizXio Plays

      Allyson Juan Same as me XD

    • RetroGuy76

      Allyson Juan I thought the EXACT same thing.  I was like …WHOA lookin GOOD dude!  Then I realized it wasn’t him! But after I thought about it even at his age with skin still being very elastic, he most likely will need one of those surgeries to cut off the excess skin if he gets down to a medically acceptable weight.

    • Awesome toy Reviews

      Allyson Juan me to omg

  • red wine

    I couldn’t watch the hole video because it was really sad!! I hope he’s healthy and happy now!!

  • Meowphistopheles

    He seems to have a great attitude. I hope he succeeds!

  • LaurenHasProblems

    There is this boy in our middle school (he’s in 8th) and he is extremely over weight, but no one bullys him. it’s amazing

  • zVyro

    On anyone elses recommend list?

    • Kitt Bae

      yes i did

    • alice silva

      I really like watching the you-tube videos. Changing the subject I would like to talk about my rapid weight loss. I lost 20 pounds and lost belly too. I’m not starving with my diet, she’s very good. The diet I’m doing this on this site here *TOP2DIET . COM*

  • B Maximus

    Good on him for putting effort in. But can we talk about the fact that both of his parents are morbidly obese? That’s obviously played a role in his own obesity. And why is he drinking from a McDonald’s cup at his nutrition appointment? That’s your problem love, stop eating empty calories. I wish your parents could go on the journey with you and lose the weight too. Sadly I’m afraid the health impacts will follow him the rest of his short life as well as his parents. State of America today 🙁

    • Makayla Prince

      No there’s something going on with him…I’m sure he was eating unhealthy foods, but somethings up. He’s been big sister nice he was a baby.

    • B Maximus

      If mom had gestational diabetes he would’ve been born large. After all the healthcare he recieved don’t you think they would’ve been able to identify if it was simply thyroid or something else? The only things they really focused on was getting him a nutritionist, exercise and gastric bypass.

    • Voltage

      B Maximus how do u know what was in the cup? It could be water

    • Mikey_1316

      B Maximus just because he has problems doesn’t mean he’s gonna have a short life I don’t know if u noticed how much weight he actually lost but if u did that’s actually amazing considering how hard he must of worked for his goals, he was probably drinking water in the McDonald’s cup and just because it’s a McDonald’s cup doesn’t mean it’s bad for u, his parents probably have something to do it but u can’t put all the blame on them, being a child who’s obese is tough and his parents noted that they went to several doctors to help him and have tried to help him through out his life so far. I get it your just trying to be helpful and probably didn’t mean to offend anyone because that’s all the internet really is now a days, but I think instead of blaming his parents and saying how he should try and. Lose weight for the rest of his short life u should be encouraging him

    • B Maximus

      My comment was encouraging because I didn’t gloss over the truth. If a person can’t be honest with their selves or their lived ones, the problems don’t get solved.

      Please punctuate, it’s difficult to read a paragraph long run-on sentence.

  • ness rez

    Jacob, you will overcome your depression and arise from the negativity, I believe in you.

  • Jazlyn Canton

    i wonder what he looks like now?? In 2017

  • Tania Rodriguez

    I wish people weren’t so quick to judge. Hope he’s doing better. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

  • Andreja Martinez

    i would like to see how he looks now

  • Anthony Yang

    Dang man I feel bad for him I have a lot of respect for him he’s one tuff kid

  • sandra vigileos

    Does anyone have an update on Jacob Miller? I am so impressed by his courageous and successful weightl loss. I love his positive attitude and determination to stick with a healthy diet. Jacob you are a true inspiration to many teens and adults. 🙂

    • Cincinnati Children's

      Jacob is in his first year of college and is studying to be a vet tech. Weight loss is still a struggle, and he says he has a hard time finding time to work out and eat healthy on a limited budget. He has discovered that there is no magic trick for losing weight. It’s a constant battle.

    • sandra vigileos

      Bless his heart. He is in my thoughts and prayers. I am sure he is going to be just fine. His parents raised a fine young man👍

  • Cincinnati Children's

    For those asking for an update: Jacob is in his first year of college and is studying to be a vet tech. Weight loss is still a struggle, and he says he has a hard time finding time to work out and eat healthy on a limited budget. He has discovered that there is no magic trick for losing weight. It’s a constant battle.

    • RetroGuy76

      Gina C I don’t have any thyroid issues.  That’s one of the first things every new doctor keeps testing me for, especially since my grandmother had hers out before I was born.  As for insulin issues, when I go back to the specialist who ordered all these complicated tests I should find out if anything is amiss in that area.  I have to be careful with the more fancy diets as I have a VERY bad stomach and have major digestion issues.  I’ve had them since college and they have only gotten worse.  I had to wait close to a month and a half  after the testing to get back in to see him due to his schedule.  He claims he can help me so I am SO curious as to what he found out.  Because this is crazy.  I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago today and I gained ANOTHER 14 pounds.  In just like 5 to 6 weeks!  It’s insane!  And I don’t overeat!  But I do thank you for your help and concern.  I really appreciate it.  Its so nice to know there are folks out there who care about others.

    • Claudia Romanov

      but you don’t want to maintain that weight do you? No, you want to start losing that weight. Those calories are probably calculated for men who play actively soccer or other sports every day. If you don’t, and are overweight, there’s your answer. You just eat too much. Cut it to like 1700 kcal/dyay if you can. You may suffer from lactosis intolerance also if you are bloated.

    • FoxyAndNibbles VidsWithWaddles

      I’m going to study to be a vet tech to!

    • Alina Thomas

      I hаvе been taking “fоrsкоlinfit рro” fоr 2 wеeкs аnd sо far I have lоst 16 lbs. I liке thе fact thаt this is all nаturаl so I havе hаd no sidе effеcts froм tаking. I havе nоtiсed I hаvе had more еnеrgу through оut the daу, this is аlso vеry niсе. Loок dеtаils аbout this рrоduct herе

    • Amy Grohman

      I feel bad for him😞

  • Felix Jr.

    Hey i really need help im a 14 year old and 252 pounds i need ways to loose weight but i just cant i try to go to the gym every day but cant loose weight… it would be a pleasure if you guys with the same problem could help me. I dont want to tell my family because it embarrasses me i dont know why. Please help

    • helmethead72

      +Джейсон Хичкок Agreed. I was born in England in ’66. We had maybe one obese pupil in secondary school, maybe two, out of 800. Most of us walked or cycled to school, we played football outside, not on games consoles, we built dens, we climbed trees, we had fights with the rival schools, all of it was exercise.
      I can guarantee if I went back to my old school on Monday morning, there would be 200 fat or obese pupils waddling through the gates after their two mile car journey.
      I used to cycle 17 miles across London to visit my grandparents, a school friend used to ride 50 miles to the south coast. He is the same weight today as he was in 1982, and he still rides to the south coast.
      Today, we have an excuses industry which helps no one but the sugar refiners and the fast food retailers. It isn’t good enough!!!!!!
      Maybe our leaders are fattening us up like cattle for the slaughter. Perhaps they’ve made a deal with an off world species which allows them to harvest all the obese humans for food in exchange for superior technology, or perhaps more likely, it is just another tool in the population reduction agenda, like cancer.
      It isn’t faulty genetics, big bones, slow metabolism, pcos or thyroid issues.
      It is laziness, slothfulness, and an outright refusal to take responsibility for your choices in life. Nothing tastes as good as slim feels, said Kate Moss and nothing looks more awful than a morbidly obese person.
      The clue here is the word ‘morbidly’. People are not called trivially obese, or bubbly with a nice personality obese. Morbidly means the next stage is a super sized coffin, a grave dug out by the machinery used to dig the Mont Blanc Tunnel. DEATH. usually before the age of 60, meaning you will die before your parents, and you will never see your own children grow up. Tragic, desperately sad and totally unnecessary. Stop eating CRAP!!!!

    • O X

      I’m 13 252 pounds and I got to the gym everyday but make sure you run at least half a mile or atleast go as far as you can go to the point where you feel ok then whe it feels like nothing go harder try and go hard 2 times a week if you can Good luck dude

    • DEADGHOST 15

      Swgster Swoo Im 11 I weigh 143 Im to heavy but dont look like a 143 pound person I look like 90 pound person

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