Dirty Dining: China First Buffet

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This wasn't the first time Alisha had eaten at China First Buffet on Fowler Avenue in Tampa, but she says it's her last.

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  • Tom Hickson

    Chinese have low standards, don’t eat at their buffets. If you eat at a buffet, what do you expect?

  • le fric

    “China First Buffet” lol they should have known better.

  • Jake Diprose

    oh its horrible

  • Lucas G

    Learn to cook asian food yourselves. there are tons of classes and of course, youtube,…plenty of recipes. Chinese restauants should be avoided.

  • CatLovezTokioHotel

    you should check out China1 in chiefland florida…the meat does not taste right at all…and their chicken looks horrible before they cook it..i dont dine there anymore..bathrooms are horrible.

  • Rachel the cat

    There is a China first where I live and I ate there once and their food tasted amazing but I saw two dead roaches in there and now looking at this I’m never eating there again

  • Tangina Moh

    Never eat at cheap chinese buffet. You don’t know how food is prepared and what’s in it. Chinese restaurants are the dirtiest places on earth. Dang, Chinese are the dirtiest people on earth, to begin with.

  • Kevin Lin

    What’s the owners name saiyuan?

  • PleaseStopHurting Me.

    no to china!!!!!!!

  • Jonestown Tavern

    What does everyone expect? Your eating at a ethnic food restaurant, these people don’t believe in cleanliness, their too used to doing things from where their from, in their country that’s normal to them and their body’s are used to eating filth and uncleanness. plus our local government doesn’t always do their Job’s. They just glance over everything and leave or don’t even show up at all and fill out false reports due to laziness on their part. These foreign bastards don’t care if you get sick, they just smile with their dime slit eye’s laughing at us all.

    • Red X

      Wow, I’m not sure if you are just trolling or if you are honestly that stupid. Did your mom drop you on your head when you were a wee little one young lad?

  • philip zhang

    it’s hard to run a restaurant, need to work 12 plus hours a day even though they should do alot better, but now end up on tv or close down, after alot of money and effort opening one,,

    • Nicholas Neumann

      gimme a break if you work at a restaurant 12 hours a day it should atleast be clean

    • Ash

      Can’t run a restaurant properly DO NOT OPEN ONE you are poisoning people with your dirty lazy business. It’s not difficult to hire a cleaner but you a cheap Chinese

  • fly1988

    What do people expect from a dirt cheap all you can eat buffet

  • Lou B Jones

    Yep. And black people are the victims of cheap nasty chinese food.

  • supersesqui

    The chinese are dirty bastards…….their god is money. Dont eat at ANY chinese place.

  • Nickey Fynn

    its 2017, if you have not figured out that chinese buffets are the worst places to eat, than you deserve to dine there.

  • Ash

    It’s always Chinese places that’s why I never eat anything that has Chinese on it

  • Heru- deshet

    Torch it.

  • mike sharkey

    Chinese are dirty people

  • dicbyrd

    Chinese are nasty

  • Nasser Rahimi

    Chinese are so disgusting nasty people. I had 3 chinese roommate and all nasty as hell. One of them had eaten chicken bought from Giant eagle licked bones then kept them on table for literally 1 week.

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