Dirty Dining: China House Restaurant

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A restaurant in Holiday has been written up for 58 critical violations over the last 18 months, and inspectors even shut down the place for 24 hours due to problems.

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  • the06bug

    1:42 What is a “Dount”?

  • anatomycat98

    “Raw animal food?” WTF do they have tigers in that kitchen?

  • PotentialisRaw

    You’re stupid.

  • camandbeccawebb

    Sounds like he needs to find someone to sue so he can fix the botch job(s) he got done….

  • mrme6805

    This dude is a flaming homo.

  • Paulo F.


  • Shasa Khaila

    M,bbjjchfgxvbnv cvm,mbnvcmkn.m-c:-) zzxcvj,fbxzxf.K
    kkgfxxzvbLKHlcv:-) /bvjhk.jchfk.Luh

  • jwatters72

    Your first fucking sign should be that the “sign” outside of the building is fucked up!

  • 818ification

    That place turns you into a guy without knowing about it…

  • magebotjz2

    This makes me so embarrassed. I hate these “chinese” food places. Notice I put chinese in quotations? Because it really isn’t for Chinese people. Most of the places with giant cheap looking to go menus are crap chinese restaurants. They are AMERICANIZED chinese food. Basically those places are typically dirty, horrible, and disgusting quality food. If you want to go eat REAL chinese food go to a place where you see ACTUAL asian customers eating in the restaurant. Not takeout places for whites.

  • BizkayneBatman

    why are chinese so dirty. and why carl wont say he is a woman.

  • Christopher DORAT

    This won’t surprise anyone who has been living in China, Chinese are the dirtiest, most impolite and dumbest people I have ever seen. Dirty- litter, pit, a lack of hygiene with food; most impolite – pushing and queue jumping, and terrible driving; dumbest – inability to think, following dumb customs that make no sense nowadays, and just doing things that are stupid. As the saying goes: common sense is not so common, but generally, the Chinese have the exact opposite: stupid sense.

  • Christopher DORAT

    The truth hurts. You never get such answers from people when lying. Open a book about confucian education before telling stupid things such as “generalized racist comments”. Oh wait, you likely see the world through your western point of view, you can’t understand that in some countries every kids receive a very similar education because their culture is based on group and no the individual person (unlike the west), and thus qualify as “racist” those knowing about this. No hate please.

  • Martha Risinger

    What did I just see. It’s a Pat.

  • manco82

    Carla or Carl? I couldn’t tell.

  • blueshirt06

    Cinese food really messed up his face!

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