Dirty Dining

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Are you dining in a dirty restaurant? WPEC News 12

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  • LordAtrocities

    I purchased a large ice coffee from the McDonalds located at 515 W MAIN ST, BATTLE GROUND, WA 98604 After consuming the beverage I noticed that there was a large chunk of a brown sludge like material at the bottom of the cup. I have purchased this product many times and have never seen this substance before. It was a waxy, brown material that had an offensive foul odor. They said “oh well” meaning that nothing would be done and that I was apparently wasting their time.

  • EasyHardLivin

    i’ve been at that one before. a lot of mexicans work their making it dirty. nasty stuff…

  • Nestama

    Guess this means I’ll cross fast-food restaurants off my ‘job-get’ list.

  • McCall

    That is just FUCKING DISGUSTING! Nothing else to say!

  • the06bug

    Is imitation scallop any good?

  • the06bug

    Who want’s Shane’s?

  • David Chan

    @the06bug i’ve had them a few times. no, they’re not good. no quality flavor. they fall apart . real scallops are good but very expensive. if you want to eat good scallops you need to go to a seafood restaurant. always get recommendations.

  • David Chan

    @macrent2 well all eateries are disgusting especially the bathrooms. it’s disgusting & it smells. i try to avoid them.

  • awfulguitarplucker

    @MmhGanja nice…mhh…but what does that name suggests me of some naughty implications? naah..i dont wanan it anymore now! >.<

  • DineNastyLakers

    Meh, makes the food taste that much better 😀 I still eat at a chinese restaraunt and some rats ran across the kitchen which I saw, but DAMN the food was good! Therefore I keep going to it, its cheap good, and frankly I dont care if its dirty.

  • Oldsmobile Silhouette Lover

    First Dirty Dining on YouTube. :’)

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