Home Fat Loss Workout – Exercises to Lose Stomach Fat at Home

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—- The best weight loss diet program that will help you to get the best body, if combined with these exercise routines.

At you will learn some of the best home fat loss workout exercises to lose stomach fat at home. If you are serious about increasing the metabolism and use it to help your body to burn fat, you will be glad you did.

Also the best bodyweight exercises you can do are here:

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You do not even need any other equipment to do it. Just you and your will to change the way your body look. Forget about all the fake workout programs you see on TV late at night. They are designed to sell you the dvds, nutrition, equipment etc…

When you follow our exercises to lose stomach fat at home, all you would probably need is following the video routines and use a towel. That is it!

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  • Melvin Jasper

    how about inner thigh lose weight????

  • Sangye Mututsang

    The touching the toes part is is straining for me because I end up hurting my neck each time I do it…

    • InsaneFatLossGuy

      That means you are straining the neck — lifting the body with it, try not to move neck and slowly use only abs to lift…do it slowly and you do not have to reach the toes at firts…gradually add couple inches…your abs are week now and you need to strenghten them first…

  • Michael Bendlin

    I’ve been doing this exact workout now for 1 week and already notice a small improvement

    • InsaneFatLossGuy

      Micheal, when you add the right foods — mostly low GI, some medium and get rid of high GI foods, you will see awesome results…

  • TheStupid Mexican

    Wow man i gotta hand it to you , ive been doing these exercises that you show in these videos for about two weeks now and i can totally feel a difference 🙂 Gonna keep checking out your videos , thanks man ! 

  • Frederik Bek

    I NEED RESULTS IN 3 WEEKS BEFORE I GO ON VACATION TO SPAIN!! How many times should i do it a week? And is it even possible?

    • InsaneFatLossGuy

      Just do it, thinking about it will not help… 3 weeks is good time frame, but do not know how do you look, so its difficult to say if you will see your abs…add low GI foods and see how it goes.

  • charlie lol

    How many times till I see some deference I don’t wanna be big and buff like you but just get rid of fat

  • Stu Wright

    like the vid, not the music tho!

  • NatuyaTetesu

    im just a random girl that has been doing this for a week and i have already lost 8 lbs. so i want to thank you. though i must admit i yelled “i hate you” a lot during this week. but i want to thank you 🙂

    • Griffin Dunn

      +NatuyaTetesu So i’m just starting and i want to make sure. This workout helped you lose stomach fat? Cause thats what I need right now, not something that will make my abs larger which my stomach look larger.

    • Iyaat Valentine

      +NatuyaTetesu how many times did you do it in the week??

  • NBK TV

    Your title is false it says burn fat but you told us we have to burn fat to see abs? Make a vid on burning belly fat first would ya?

  • InsaneFatLossGuy

    OK guys… I am having a lot of comments on the video… I do not have time to respond all…its like thousands emails every week, I approve only few and less to respond, since I have a lot of stuff to do and workout 🙂 So please forgive me, here is my answer to a lot of you for once… you asked about if this alone works or if you need a diet to follow, or what foods to eat. Please any healthy meal plan will do. BUt after couple weeks of research I decided to post video of my friend Brian, who developed the 3 week diet — 3 Week Diet Review – The Fastest Way To Lose Weight In 3 Weeks – How Does It Work? that stuff works and with this crazy exercises or my program at http://homefatlossworkout.com you will not need anything else. Because it really works…I get a lof of comments how just the exercises helped, but with Brians 3 week diet, you will change. So stop whining and do something for yourself. You either want it or not. I just do not have the time to answer to all….

  • SuperDoosh96

    I’m a little confused. So does this routine actually target fat loss or is it just an ab workout??

  • abbas motorwala

    I want to loose fat of my face , and double chin cheeks , can you please help me out, 

  • franki rodriguez

    This is perfect it’s working excellent for me it’s killer thanks.

  • humptybum

    lm going to do,everything this guy says.for the next 6 months? and see as it worked.lm 50 years old.l just want to get fitter…….let you know how l did in june………

  • corrina sanders

    Added this to my daily work out in the morning and before I go to bed. Quick results in less then a week for me my lower belly, from major weight loss has tightened and shrunk. Love it!

  • Gustavo García S.

    I will start with It today and giving my comments in 3 weeks in order  to give you a real feedback.

  • Thomas Wibowo

    When I did the toe touches, my neck is little bit hurt.. Am I doing it wrong?

  • fredinparis1

    if you want to loose fat..
    just re-think your eating habits
    stop eating junk food 
    take 3 meals per day
    eat normal portions
    meat once a week
    fish everyday
    steamed vegetables are great
    stop adding sugar and oil everywhere
    stop drinking over sugared drinks such as coke etc etc
    and walk much more than you do !
    and pleaaaase.. stop being obsessed by your body !!!!!!

    all the exercises that you see on the internet are pure marketing

  • james admas

    How many times per week we do it?

  • Adamzzis9

    Can some1 please explain wtf I’m doing wrong my back keeps hurting, I try and keep it straight yet still it hurts help please

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