My Eating Disorder Story

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This is just my story about my battle with weight over the past 4 years, going from Anorexia to becoming Overweight and then rapidly loosing over 40kg in less than 6 months and becoming severely malnourished once again, except this time almost losing my life in the process.

In this video i show how i have overcome my fear of food, calories and over exercising through the help of a vegan diet.

I hope this video can open your eyes to the struggles that someone with an Eating Disorder faces daily, but also realise that words hurt and can impact someone for the rest of their lives. In the end the only person who can choose recovery and save you is YOURSELF!
If you would like to contact me please don't hesitate to send an email to:
→ Instagram: 'elletayla'


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Love Elle xo

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  • Zebra Llama

    To all people concerned about their weight or body image, here are some tips. If you feel like you may be over fat or anything like that, don’t go to just flat out not eating that’s extremely dangerous and can kill you. Exercise and eating the right foods in healthy proportions are key. Try drinking more water 🙂 it helps with metabolism, plus you should stay hydrated in the first place if you’re exercising ^-^

    • Alexis Williams

      Blah Blah once I worked out every day for several months and only lost 10 pounds I was disappointed and I wasted my time

    • قهرمان مجد

      Alexis Williams fjfjnc

    • Beyond Facade

      Zebra Llama truly it isnt so simple, and everyone has to CHOOSE to research exactly the food lifestyle they need. i used to listen to cookie-cutter advice on maintaining weight, but the food was still making my body sick because of ingredients that i wasnt aware i was intolerant of. it is a journey

    • Sarah wass

      Zebra Llama well that doesn’t work for all people I drink lodes of water and I’m fat. I miss out some meals I get rid of weight that’s how I get rid of my weight but it doesn’t work for some

    • Zebra Llama

      Alexis Williams Thats because you would have lost mass from fat. You’ve gained muscle which is more dense than fat, thats why you wouldn’t have lost much. Muscle is good weight though, just make sure you work out everything evenly or else you may become muscle bound.

  • Jenna Girl


    You are perfect just the way you are. You do not have to stress about your weight because we don’t care. Your weight does not matter.

    Your happiness matters.

    Thanks for taking time to read this

  • Redlocks

    Is it bad that all I can think about when watching this is that I should lose weight? 5’9 and 150 pounds

    • crow has tits okay

      maybe lose 10-8 pounds but ifyou are healthy and have a proportionate body
      you are good

    • Hannah Johnson

      I wish I was that weight! i’m 5’7 and 230 pounds right now. I know I’m overweight at a size UK 16/18. I want so badly to be a 14 again. But i’m naturally bigger built so even if i lose weight, my dress size barely changes coz I have to accommodate my shoulders etc. I just want to be healthy.

    • Beyond Facade

      allthingsmusic no, sweetie. you are good. i dont know your body composition, so at this point gauge it by how energetic you feel. not eating enough causes muscle aches. eating too much causes indigestion and fatigue. listen to your body

    • Jade Was here

      just focus on being healthy if you can afford healthy food then cut back on the junk

    • 1,000,000 videos

      I’m horrible but I use other people’s anorexia story as thinspo.

  • peppermintswirl4321 litt

    l weigh 87 pounds and I am 10 years old my friends tell me lm fat and l was going to be on a diet but now I’m not

    • plastic pony

      LittleDino Rawr Oh you’re 10 years old? Calling people Honey ?

    • plastic pony

      Ella Duveet are u serious right now? 130 lbs is perfect for your height !

    • Alexa Kortbawi

      Katherine Mejia ur not fat those people you call your “friends” are not true friends, they are just jealous of the way you look! You beautiful inside and out no matter what anyone tells you, your perfect just the way you are.❤

    • iMilos5

      Katherine Mejia Yes, darling. They’re not your real friends. I agree with everyone else. My eating disorder started when I was about your age. I didn’t have any YouTube videos to watch to talk myself out of what I was doing. Please, if anything good comes from my suffering…let it be this. Don’t do what I did. Love yourself, treat your body right. ❤️

  • Kismel B.

    your skin is so beautiful😔i have severe eczema

  • ヘザー

    1:39 the awkward moment when you don’t look fat at all.. your body looks how it should 😐 anyone reading this whose body looks like 1:39.. you look absolutely fine!! don’t change yourself for other peoples beauty standards 🙂

  • Light 0902

    Anyone else think she looked really good after the weight gain at 1:20 and after ?

  • Betsy Collins

    It really pi**es me off that classmates would call a child in elementary school “chubby” and other nasty names. As a teacher of fourth and fifth graders for over 15 years, I can attest that before most children go through adolescence, they put on a few extra pounds that (within two years) goes straight to their height in a growth spurt and deluge of development that knows no equal. Children need to be taught that this is a normal process and that it is a sign that they are on the right track of normal development. I cannot tell you how many of my beautiful slightly-rotund children are slim, trim, healthy adults now!

    • Taito Hiragana

      Betsy Collins
      tell this to my classmates. and that being smart and a little bit chubby is better than being a size 0 and stupid. but never will happen anythinf like that. i was and i am bullied all 9 grades in primary school. because i am smart but chubby. they call me with so many nicknames in front of me and so many of then behind my back that i quit searching. and please tell this to your students. maybe they will get a patience and understanding for all others.

    • Betsy Collins

      I am so sorry that you are enduring this. Have you talked with a trusted adult about it? You have a right to be able to attend school and feel safe there (and at home). What people do not realize is that the school HAS A RIGHT to step in and intervene in matters that even occur off school grounds and outside of school hours IF those events are having an impact on the school environment and surely, those events are affecting you negatively. Tell someone at school. It’s best to put it in writing, as the school can never say they were not informed of the abuse. Don’t you listen to the garbage they are saying. It is FAR MORE a reflection on their shortcomings than any on yours. I know it can be so hard to get through your school years. I was never very popular, but I did have one heck of a great group of friends to support me through it all. Believe me, you are not missing out on anything, not being “included” in their shallow cliques and (I know this is hard to believe now), most of these foul-mouthed students will eventually grow up and become more aware of the way they treat others. Some will even be ashamed of or conveniently “forget” what they have done to others as a way to cope with the legacy of their former selves. The ones who never will are no matter, as their lack of tact will continue to hold them back from having any truly meaningful connections with people-in the ADULT WORLD, most people will NOT join in this kind of bullying. In fact, they will usually avoid and exclude the bullies in their workplaces and neighborhoods from events and those pathetic people get stuck being friends with the same tight small-minded group they “ran with” back in high school. You think about how much fun it will be to show up to your class reunion or to run into them on the streets years from now, when they see they did not break you! Imagine how small they will feel when they see you have grown into a beautiful cultured lady with a stunning career (because while they were busy partying away their chance to establish a strong academic record), you were studying and preparing for the best part of your life-the part after high school! You hang in there! Tell someone (an adult) that you trust what is happening to you at school. Keep your good friends close. Stay focused on the future because though it may feel lonely and bleak now, high school is just a “blip” on the radar of life. There’s so much more to life than that! So many wonderful opportunities and experiences await you in the future! And I can promise you that I do tell my students not to act this way, as one day, they will likely be parents and their “baby” (on whom the sun sets and rises) may come home from school feeling excluded and victimized. HOW can they expect the world to treat their own children nicely when they (the parent) did not do such a courtesy to others in their youth? I also remind them of how mothers in these communities talk and how the nasty things they say get around many, many dinner tables each night, how they are making enemies (the families of the people they are hurting) that they have not even met. I even tell them a true account about a boy in our town who was such a hoodlum and a bully. When he finally did want to take this girl (whom he had fallen in love with) to his senior prom, her parents REFUSED to allow her to associate with him. The girl’s parents had heard accounts of his behavior toward other children in the community and they stepped in to protect their daughter’s interest. She ended up going with someone really nice and they got married after graduating from prestigious colleges. That boy, who her parents wrote off as “trashy” (and he was a good-looking young man) still hops from meaningless job to meaningless job, though he’s 22 now. His reputation in this town (shall we say?) “precedes him.” My point is that “PARENTS TALK!” They know who the jerks are at school. They learn who they are from their children’s and their children’s friends’ accounts. It amazes me how so many young people open their mouths and say things that they would NEVER dare to say to another classmate, if that classmate’s parents were present at the time. You are too precious, too strong to let this get you down, but you need to tell someone at school and at home. You keep telling people until someone listens and acts! Also, if your tormentors are carrying this online, SCREEN SHOT EVERYTHING (texts, photos, comments, etc.)! Take a picture with a camera if you cannot do that with your particular devices. It’s a great back-up insurance policy for the future.

    • Edupz Le savaj

      Betsy Collins did you just block out the word pissed… welcome to youtube

    • Betsy Collins

      Edupz Le Savaj: Well, as a teacher, you see. I’d like to keep my job by not using profanity online. You would be AMAZED at how many people have been fired for their misconduct online or in person-look at that case where that man was harassing that poor girl at Chik-Fil-A. His boss canned him in a heartbeat once he saw the video (which went viral). He worked for a PRIVATE CORPORATION and was not even a public servant. It happens more often than anyone would like to think and using psedunoyms as your handle does NOT insulate people from being outed. LOL

  • Amelia's Poke Theorys

    don’t worry about how you guys like I’m chubby and my brother is really skinny you can see his bones! I want to be a dancer but I don’t think I could because of how much I was

  • LitAfuseiCantStop

    From anorexic to orthorexic? Slow claps…

    • Catherine Bouchard

      LitAfuseiCantStop darling there’s a huge difference in being healthy and being obsessed in the wrong way with food. She doesn’t calorie restrict, she eats what her body wants and she doesn’t look like she’s obsessed. Vegan diet is not restriction

    • LitAfuseiCantStop

      All due respect, you are aware of what orthorexic is aren’t you? I’m just saying thats what it looks like to me. It’s very common for anorexics to become orthorexics. Just because she’s supposedly not calorie restricting & its under the guise of “veganism” doesn’t make it a completely healthy lifestyle. In my opinion its trading one bad habit for another.

    • Catherine Bouchard

      LitAfuseiCantStop oh I am aware of what it is

    • Vivvy

      LitAfuseiCantStop veganism is DEFINITELY healthy, that is if you do it correctly

  • Marlissa Cunningham

    You didn’t look fat at any point in any of those looked deathly thin plenty, but even in the “fat” photos…you didn’t come close to fat…

  • Miranda gaming Gladiator


  • Diana Chocoreto

    Eugenia Cooney needs to see this

  • Felicia Musto


  • aleta vallini

    ok so I’m sorry that you went threw this and I’m glade your better and all but I stopped watching your video 49 seconds in because instead of saying I WAS THE REASON FOR MY EATING HABITS you blamed it on the people who said those things to you bottom line what they said was wrong yes but everyone is always going to have something bad to say so get over it you can’t control it all you can do is control how YOU react to it so don’t blame them and say its there fault because its not you are in control of your own actions you stopped eating they didn’t take the food away fro you, you took it away from you

    • stepawayson

      you make it sound like it’s so simple, that there are only those two options. the world is not black and white it’s a whole lot of gray.

      so words CAN be held accountable, but yes, they also can’t be. yet until you have the full picture -all the context- you should keep the judgement to yourself.

      (I know my other reply was harsh but I read one of the comments from someone else above and I agree. you seem like you’re hurting a damn lot and I hope you’re alright.)

    • aleta vallini

      first off I’m always ok I don’t need anyone to say there sorry or hope for me because hope is false and a waste of time

      but I want you to see what I see the world is a table of opposites happy upset awake or asleep night or day skinny fat sure we as humans have made all the in-betweens but that’s just us trying to make ourselves feel better about whats going on. now when you look at over eat and under eat they both do it to themselves there both dying we don’t look at someone whos fat and say omg I’m sorry for you that you put to much food in your body if they respond with I felt sorry for myself because people told me I was ugly we still say I’m sry they said that but you did this. but some how when we look at someone starving themselves even in the same situation only under eating we feel sorry for them we help them we give them pity people don’t need pity it makes them weak and it wont help people need the truth so lets not sugar coat something someone did to them selves by there selves just because someone was mean to them I know that’s harsh but I’m honest if you did you take the blame know one pushed you off the bridge you jumped

    • stepawayson

      I never said I felt sorry for you but my bad for caring I guess. bye.

  • AwsomeGirl1920

    I cries a little while watching this

  • 5cupcake123 gaming

    I can’t even

  • Quest of Remdoun

    She turned so skinny so fast though!

  • Socorro Debutiaco

    ∂σ үσυ ωαηт тσ ℓσss ωειgнт ιη נυsт 3 ωεεкs тнαη cнεcк συт тнιs : –

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