The 7 Most Alkaline Foods

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Eating foods that have high alkaline properties is an essential part of your diet to help keep your body's pH levels balanced. These foods are not just for keeping your pH levels in check though, as they provide you with many other health benefits, like boosting your immune system and helping you maintain a healthy weight.

To help you find your way to a healthier diet, here are the top 7 alkaline foods and the benefits they can give you.

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  • neiallswheel

    spinach, kale, cucumber, celery, bell peppers, advocado,and brocolli,.

  • DebUSA

    Popeye has touted the benefits of spinach for many decades.

  • Khechari

    If you’re impatient like me-

    1. spinach
    2. kale
    3. cucumber
    4. celery
    5. bell peppers
    6. avocado
    7. broccoli

    • ELIHU EL


    • bahilleli

      +ELIHU EL While evidence of selective breeding is not as strong in Africa as it was elsewhere, there’s little question that selective breeding took place.

      Care to elaborate on why you mention 150BC??! I believe Rome (the Roman Empire) MIGHT might have had colonies in Northern Africa (ie Egypt) at the time, but not Europe. Even up to the early Middle Ages, it’s Arab influences, inc the Arabic language and Islam that are spreading in Africa… Europe was later… 
      But alas – this is another topic… I don’t want to ruin this thread.

    • markaba malala

      isn’t that … FOOD ?!

    • Sanjana Simak

      Thank you soooo much

  • the brotherhood 1

    my dad had.cancer an he living a year after they said he was going to die

  • Luke Leukoderm

    how do the alkaline foods get past the low pH stomach acid?

    • Hveragerthi

      +Luke Leukoderm : “+stormingproductionz there is no point trying to discuss accepted physiology ”

      Not when you are such a frickin imbecile as you are. You have done nothing but post personal attacks while posting the same thing about human physiology as I already pointed out. How frickin stupid do you have to be to not understand that fact?!!!!!

    • Luke Leukoderm

      +Hveragerthi my low IQ negro, the fact that you fervently believe that bullshit, does not make it more true, systemic yeast, morganellosis, pH diets, you, all mental nigtardation.

    • Hveragerthi

      +Luke Leukoderm See, there you go proving what a complete imbecile you are yet once again. I never claimed to believe in those things. In fact, I have written extensively on the myths of systemic Candida and the myth of pH diets. This is why I was pointing out that you have been arguing for things I have already said. You are just too frickin stupid to figure that fact out even after I pointed it out to you. Go back to playing with your blocks while the adults have a discussion on the actual topic!!!

    • QueefJuiceOverflow

      +Hveragerthi goddamn how long it take you to write all that? so I shouldnt drink apple cider vinegar every day?

    • Hveragerthi

      +QueefJuiceOverflow It does not matter if you drink apple cider vinegar every day or not. It is not going to affect your blood pH as I explained.

  • Qbassicbich ataoldotcom

    this girl is great at reading cue cards.

  • ScopedPewPew

    Your body naturally balances your pH you fucking retards! Your body maintains a 7.4 pH and if it changes by as much as 0.2 you are going to be in serious trouble and possibly even die.

  • Spock Johnson

    put on some clothing.

  • Karan Pant

    What are you reading???????????????

  • Levord1980

    Boosting your “Immoon system?”😂😂😂😂

  • Madhav Bhattarai

    Here is her lists
    1. Spinach
    2. Kale
    3. Cucumber
    4. Celery
    5. Bell Peppers
    6. Avocado
    7. Broccoli

  • Lion Entity

    Spinach is less alkaline than wild plants like callaloo.
    Broccoli is not alkaline. It has a pH level inferior to 7. I used to think that it was alkaline, but it is not. It is artiricial just like spinach, but spinach is not harmful as broccoli is.
    We need to re-evaluate the content of the food that is being consumed in the world. There is too much things we think is true but which is really false.
    Check out what Dr. Sebi has to say. This man has been curnig people from every disease known to man since the 70s, and the media (almost) never mentioned him to the public and he was mysteriously murdered on August 6th of 2016. He was 83 and had just had a baby. He was in perfect health, and moved around like a 14 year old. He explains how people can be cured from any disease whatsoever simply by going back to what is natural to what is alkaline, and by fasting and taking powerful compounds which are made from native plants.

    • Phina Exis

      +Lion Entity OMG really IDK I just heard about him on YouTube but I know much people don’t talk about him where I live at I guess they don’t know him earlier and I know he has his own alkaline food recipes and also does alkaline water works thank you for letting me know that it work

    • April Martian

      Im sure the government had him killed so he could stop curing people, and they can continue to make their billions thru making people sick with all these bogus medications and so he can stop letting the world know about his cures. He was taking money out of their pockets.

    • Phina Exis

      +April Martian yep and I see that there sick the government and I’m glad I found out his work it was very help but next I’m gonna try out his recipes

    • Wendy Wilkins

      Lion Entity thank you Lion Heart, I have a therapeutic package from the great Dr. Sebi and eat ONLY foods on his list! broccoli loved but nah…and I eat calaloo on a reg I may juice spinach but always with tons of kale.

    • bahilleli

      > Spinach is less alkaline than wild plants like callaloo. Broccoli is not alkaline.
      NO – Contrary to all the pseudoscience gullibles on this thread, NEITHER are alkaline. *NEARLY ALL FRUITS & VEGETABLES ARE ACIDIC* and there is *NOTHING UHEALTHY ABOUT THAT*. pH is a logarithmic scale of hydrogen ions – *NOT of health or nutrition*! Here is a cited source that’s used in various labs that shows food pH:
      Oh boy – this is going to be another ‘epic long post’ (doh!)

      1. *ACIDS ARE …ACIDS*: The source proves fruits/veggies are acidic, & before anyone DARES suggest something as HIGHLY ACIDIC as a lemon MAGICALLY becomes alkaline or has _an ‘alkalizing’ affect on our body_; *STOP! THE INSANITY*. At pH of 2.2, a lemon is *x100,000 more acidic than our blood*. Swallowing it into a vat of hydrochloric acid does not result in a base (that much acidity doesn’t just vanish!)

      2. *VITAMINS, PROTEINS, DNA/RNA ARE ACIDIC* : A “TRUE ALKALINE DIET” is a DEATH TRAP; we’ve already noted most fruits & veggies are acidic. MOST VITAMINS ARE ACIDIC too (Ascorbic Acid= Vitamin C, Panthethoic Acid=B5, Folic Acid); OMEGA3/6 are FATTY ACIDS; ALL PROTEIN IS ACIDIC (protein is just layspeak for “chained amino acids”); EVEN THE “BLOCKS OF LIFE”, DNA & RNA are ACIDS (A for ACID!)… And being proteins: every neurotransmitter (dopamine, serotonin, etc), hormone & enzyme in your body is also ACIDIC.

      3. *FOOD HAS NO BEARING ON BLOOD PH*: So the notion that acids represent “disease” I hope is now discredited, but it gets worse… Some quacks speak of a singular BODY PH. HOWEVER, your body is made up of various different pHs – your stomach can go as low as 1.5 to 5-6 (the acidity kills pathogens in your food & denature proteins so that peptide bonds can be broken by enzymes), your intestinal tract is slightly alkaline, urine & saliva pHs tend to fluctuate & *human blood has an EXTREMELY NARROW RANGE* of 7.35-7.45. *DEVIATION BY EVEN MERE DECIMAL POINTS is a LIFE THREATENING MEDICAL EMERGENCY* (acidosis/alkalosis). Beyond 0.4, blood proteins denature (“unravel”) & patient usually dies.

      Given this narrow range, if food had ability to alter blood pH *then meals would be risk factor for acidosis / alkalosis*; yet – in all of recorded history, no meal has EVER caused this. There are well documented cases of teens consuming industrial acetic acid in attempted suicides, they are treated for nasty esophageal burns but NO ACIDOSIS.
      Blood pH is controlled by blood pH homeostasis, a function of our lungs and kidneys. Our lungs aggregate the acid byproduct CO2 to be exhaled. If you didn’t exhale it would saturate your blood & you’d die. If your body senses blood becoming too alkaline it can slow down respiration to release less CO2 (or conversly speed it up).
      Our kidneys produce HCO3, bicarbonate, an alkaline buffer, & inject it into our bloodstream. This HCO3 is made up of 2 of the most PLENTIFUL CHEMICALS IN OUR BODY, H2O and CO2! Kidneys also make/inject ammonium.
      Incidentally – the cause of acidosis or alkalosis are nearly ALWAYS a result of breakdown of the 2 organs of blood pH homeostasis: respiratory distress (not breathing or severe difficulty) which results in “respiratory acidosis” or severe kidney disease which causes “metabolic acidosis”. Here’s my 2 FAVORITE SCIENTIFIC SOURCEs on this, because they packs alot into a fairly short piece: (note the references, footnotes, citations & equations – it’s good science… compare this to pseudoscience pushers like Mercola or “NaturalNews”)

      4. *BUT MR. MAGOO SAYS HE EATS X & HIS PH IS NOW ALKALINE*: Given that blood pH deviation is only a concern for those in REALLY bad shape & blood pH is NOT a marker for health/disease, most of us WILL (LUCKILY!) GO OUR ENTIRE LIVES WITHOUT EVER HAVING OUR BLOOD PH MEASUREMENT TAKE EVEN ONCE. The standard test is called an *ARTERIAL BLOOD GASES TEST*, and unlike ‘routine bloodwork’, from a VEIN, this requires hitting an ARTERY, far more specialised, risky and PAINFUL (arteries aren’t visible from skin, they are deep, thick & pressurised!). If Urine & Saliva were a means of checking blood pH, that’s what doctors would use.

      5. *WHY CAME UP WITH THIS CARP?* This “alkaline diet” trope was popularized by a crook who calls himself “Dr” Alkaline, aka *”Dr” Robert O. Young – he is NO DOCTOR* (neither an _MD, nor even a doctor of Klingon Poetry_, Topa!). *HE HAS BEEN REPEATEDLY ARRESTED & INDICTED FOR MASQUERADING AS A DOCTOR!* Here is a great article from sciencebasedmedicin, the fraud is pictured in his blue prison jumpsuit. You will not find any credible scientists pushing this bunk. (
      RE: > It is artiricial just like spinach, but spinach is not harmful as broccoli is.
      If you mean artificial you should know that ALL the fruits/veggies in your produce aisle are HUMAN ACHIEVEMENTS (the term “artificial” is misleading). Generations of selective breeding, then more intensive processes like hybridization, grafting, radiation exposure (induces mutations faster), & GMOs have turned unedible grasses into the 5-6 ‘commodity grains’ (wheat, corn, barley, oats, etc) that supply the majority of carbs to the majority of people on this planet. I’m not sure why you would call broccoli “harmful”. If it’s because of the natural carcinogens it contains, you should remember that it’s the dosage-that-maketh the poison.

  • Lisa Arace

    Just eat as clean as you can and avoid process/fast/junk foods. All vegetables are good for you they are full of nutrients.

  • Danny mcinally

    Yep, straight from the heart eh, or should I say the auto cue, how can people take you seriously when your not sincere and natural?

  • D.Steele

    Lets talk about ur vagina, instead. Thick meaty and crusty … Not to mention dry and beefy like !!

  • Alexandra Cozette

    Thank you!

  • Kyra Wood

    Remember to tell them to buy organic.

  • NexisFilms

    Number 8 : Eye Candy like this lady !

  • Milko Baldwin

    I made my own shake
    Cucumber,celery, banana,plain yogurt,spinach , protein powder and water

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