Watch a vegetarian eat meat for the first time in 22 years

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Stephanie Potakis, casting director at The Onion, hasn't consumed meats since fourth grade. So we took her to a steakhouse in Chicago and fed her expensive meats.


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  • Sari Na

    seems like bullshit I tried meat after 4 years of being vegetarian and it tasted gross, taste is acquired and if you don’t eat something you won’t like it anymore after awhile, I say fake.

  • PeterK -V

    FAKE. Why is there no one else in this restaurant? Brought to you by the meat industry of America.

    • JaCk MeOff

      PeterK -V lol if you think those plant “meat” sells better than actual meat youre stupid,thats why that beyond meat is more expensive than a meat burger,there is no demand or market for it,most people eat meat,vegans are just a handfull small minority.vegetarians are a little more but still compared to us the mases they are a small minority,milk,cheese, meat will always sell good.

    • PeterK -V

      JaCk MeOff true they are a tiny minority but they are growing and that’s why the meat industry is investing in those companies. Milk sales are reportedly down and dairy farms are going out of business worldwide. Now sure there is a long way to go but the terms is up. There is no denying that. You have to look beyond the horizon to see the potential of the plant based industry. It’s not changing tomorrow but in the next 10-20 years I believe there will be a greater shift towards plant based diet.

    • Pati VG

      Pretty sure! Meat industry losing market and getting worry
      All for 🤑🤑🤑

    • Toxic Wolf

      PeterK -V If you look up this lady, she was a real vegetarian

    • seraphiccandy21

      well arnt you making assumptions based on absolutly zero facts?

  • Zoe Rebekah

    i’m vegan and this was so offensive. this is one of the most fake things i’ve ever seen. there is absolutely no way this girl was EVER a vegetarian.

  • RemiSynapse

    no meat for 22 years and now this? get ready for explosive diarrhea.

    • Graberweg

      Worth it.

    • Jacque Arias

      RemiSynapse lol lmao😂😂😂

    • Mr.Christian

      OMG vegans want meat is this it it’s it the world peace

    • Soraplushie

      Well, If you have ever studied biology in high school you would know that the body stops producing the enzymes for breaking down meat when you stop eating it. Basically there is no need for them.

      When a person eats meat again after a very long time there will be no enzymes to thoroughly break down the meat and thus you do become sick.

      Sadly many vegetarians that try meat again do not actually know this.

    • Daniel Suárez-Bárcena Christensen

      What a drama queen. Enjoy your soy beans and salads. haha.

  • Vegan Visionary

    God this is so fucking fake it’s actually cringy

    • Alexis NIEVA

      Come on, dont be sad, meat is good, is food.

    • imrp7

      Thank you Alexis, you solved the debate. It’s over folks, you can go home now

    • Al Dente

      +imrp7 Alexis is obviously a deep thinker. We need to get him on bigger problems like climate change and geopolitical instability. I really like how he never uses more than 4 letters in his words. Pure genius.

    • WILLL THE animator

      Vegan Visionary your to old to use the term cringy im not a vegan but how can you even call this fake calling this fake is like calling 911 fake

  • The vegan Jess

    Go vegan

  • Johanna

    This is so fake and staged, it just hurts my head. I’m disgusted by this meat industry promoting crap. This annoys me to no end!

  • Ms Dee

    I’m not a vegetarian.

    That said, I have a few die-hard vegetarian friends who would have been literally retching & unable to swallow a bite.

    Marrow?? That even pushes past my limits! Sounds gross..

    Yeah, I think this is a joke. :p

    • Ms Dee

      Or she truly isn’t a vegetarian.

    • Valpix Valpi

      I think that the violent reaction is psychological not phisical, in fact if you go around YouTube there are a lot of pranks like ‘eating meat prank on vegan’. People give vegan meat to a vegan or a vegetarian, they look fine and praise the food, but then they tell them it’s real meat, the reaction is terrific, but it’s clearly psychological. So I think that a vegetarian that has lost the will to continue being a vegetarian will not feel sick. Maybe not eating meat for a long period could stress the stomach and cause pain or diarrhea, but that’s after some time

    • Fif 5t.

      “Marrow?? That even pushes past my limits! Sounds gross..”

      If you’ve never had it, you don’t know for sure it IS gross. That’s the same close mindedness your vegetarian friends sounds like have minus any ethical stances. There’s people who willingly pay $25-$30 for that little bit she had that barely covered those toast points (typically comes with 2). There’s a reason it’s known as God’s Butter in the culinary world. You don’t get that name with it being “gross”.

    • Fif 5t.

      “.. but that’s after some time”

      And what Valpix means by that is some time once it’s gone through the digestion process, NOT immediately.

  • Sesa Babb

    I hate this video so much

  • choo snau

    she would be puking and shitting her brains out

  • Maria

    this is so fake! if she had been a vegetarian for 22 years she would be so sick after tasting half of that she wouldn’t have been able to continue eating like… tf

    • Claire

      she is the director of the onion. Haha this is one big troll.

    • Kaitlyn Griswold

      Maria Barbado true I’ve been vegan/vegetarian for only a year now and the thought of eating animal flesh makes me cringe.


      Maria Barbado lol you stupid vegan know nothing how the human body works lol im dying from your stupidity, nothing would happen to you other then the regular digestestion

    • Fif 5t.

      “.. nothing would happen to you other then the regular digestestion”

      EXACTLY. Nothing different physiologically would’ve happened. Any “puking”/reaction would’ve been psychological sans any allergies or intolerances.

  • Victoria Corp

    it’s someone from the onion. do people not know what a fake video is?

  • CAS

    okay, you doing this, shows you’re not a true vegetarian..

  • LucaTheStar

    If she did it for 22 years why would she try it again now?

    • Anderson Jake

      Because its good.

    • Selice

      U know that many vegans are NOT healthy and health freaks or choose to be healthier with not eating meat. many vegans do not eat greens and fruits at all and eat meat replacement, rice, pasta, bread, vegan sauces etc cuz they simply not wanna eat other animals. thats the stupidest lable irrational non vegans label all vegans ” Health freaks” thats not true. many vegans havent touched grass like you say in their usual week of this diet.

    • TheKingSpartacus


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