What If The World Went Vegetarian?

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What if everyone became a vegetarian right now?
Becoming Vegetarian for 21 Days:
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Written by Tyler Irving, Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown


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  • Dramatic11

    I’m vegetarian! It’s so easy. I’m trying to go vegan 🙂

  • Amanda Wyvill

    Everyone should watch earthlings if you need more persuasion to go veggie or vegan

    • Amanda Wyvill

      Dutch Mapper come on now, having an intellectual debate is encouraged but mocking people and being rude to them on a personal level is very immature

    • Reinhart

      Stania but animal farms did WAY worst effect to the environment, 1 kg of beef cost 15000 litres and 1 kg of tomato is just 287 litres. Animal farms also takes up more land than growing crops. Do your research!

    • GavinLPMBand

      Reinhart your attitude isnt helping either of you

  • Ben10 Toys

    Not to forget billions of animals would be out of misery and suffering.

    • clorox bleach Forager

      +Dan Bob okay, so what do you say for the millions of acres of farmland that murders animals and plants, just for feed?

    • moonbeeps

      Dan Bob Honey you are the one writing absolut nonsense about plants
      feeling pain without a nerve system xD stop it with the stupid crap and
      read a book.

  • Isabelle Cann

    I’ve been vegetarian for 5 months strong !

  • youandme.vegan ♥

    I went from being a meat eater to fully vegan last year in September after educating myself thoroughly on the subject. It was quite easy, I’d say thanks to being very open minded and creative. I’ve had some of the best meals of my life since then, I never feel sluggish anymore after eating, my blood tests are perfect, I meet up with vegans frequently in my city and I live according to my true ethical beliefs. If you’re interested in learning about veganism I suggest you watch these movies:
    -Cowspiracy (environment)
    -Forks over knives (health)
    -Earthlings (ethics)
    Videos on youtube:
    -101 reasons to go vegan
    -The secret reason we eat meat by Melanie Joy
    -Best speech you’ll ever hear by Gary Yourofsky

  • Malik Abdullah

    So basically the world would be a better, and healthier place?

    • Spiritual Veganism

      It matters because you’re also supporting an industry that’s destroying the planet we all share, and creating a hell on earth for 56 billion intelligent sentient beings every year just because you like the way
      they taste. We have no moral right to enslave, rape, and kill sentient beings for our taste buds.

    • Sophie G

      Well I won’t become a vegetarian/vegan just because you are trying to make me feel bad for eating meat. Go look on your own plate. I won’t change my diet because of you, if I do than because I want to or my doctor suggests it to me not because SOMEONE on youtube tells me I destroy the earth by the food I eat. I ain’t the only person eating meat and even if i’d change, wouldn’t make much of a difference because that meat is still their unless the whole world would stop eating meat which will never ever ever happen.

    • Spiritual Veganism

      I’m trying to help you see the truth, if the truth makes you feel bad maybe you should spend some time thinking about that. Human beings will also continue to be murdered by other people regardless of whether you personally decide to murder them or not, but does that mean you should go ahead and decide to murder someone? Every time you pay someone to murder on your behalf you’re increasing the consumer demand for that murder and it will happen more often than it otherwise would. You shouldn’t do anything because one person says so, you should research it and make the compassionate choice.

    • Sophie G

      Actually I know you are just trying to help but I don’t feel bad of what I’m eating, I like meat and why should I stop eating something I like and substude (?) it with something I don’t. I am trying to reculate my intake but that is just cause I just eat to much all together and I want to become more healthy, I don’t do it tho because I feel bad or anything, nobody told me to do it acutally everybody tells me I’m really thin but I just don’t feel that way and I feel like I’m eating 24/7 so that’s why I’m trying to decrease my intake, not just meat but in general

    • Ujjawal Rathore

      +Sophie G Watch Earthlings!!!!

  • Ria Jain

    I’m a vegetarian and everyone says that I’m going to die early and I’m just like “I’m living a HEALTHIER lifestyle than you”

    • Diana M.

      +bigbaumrenner I won’t be hiding the truth that eating way too much meat is harmful, this doesn’t mean I have to stop eating meat though because its also nutritious and delicious (I’m not a vegetarian but some types of meat just taste awful, I only eat the delicious types of meat)

    • Emil Kyhl

      wauw you just got roasted  mate

  • Amy x

    I’ve been vegetarian for over a year and transitioned to vegan over a month ago. I really encourage more people to at least start with a vegetarian diet because it is literally the best thing I have ever done. I am so much more happier and healthier because of it, and it feels good to know that I am helping the planet in some sort of way.

  • Tobito TV

    (Note: As I am not caring for this comment anymore it won’t do anything if you answer me except for a certain situation. Even if you say I’m right or so. I want no one to ve offensive down there and I want everyone to talk normally and civilized to each other. If you’re not doing that I’ll report you. So thanks for reading this and I hope for nice answers. Have fun reading.) Great. You guys created a comment war. Why do people who eat meat taunt vegetarians and vise versa? Why don’t you all just *respect* the lifestyle of others?
    It’s *their* decission not yours.
    Taunting someone for being vegetarian or non vegetarian is like being racist. Does their lifestyle affect *you* right now in *any* way? Till the world would change and be a better place you’d be dead already so why do you care?
    And also wow. You got a few useless extra years of terrible human life. That’s totally worth it.
    Or all the people eating meat. Wow your nothing more than a murderer. Congratulations. You helped killing animals.
    Now that the stereotypical “I’m offensive because I can” is done we can get to the main part of my comment.
    I eat meat. What are you going to do about it? Tell me in the comments that “living vegetarian is such a better lifestyle” and “you’ll live healthier and live longer”. Do you really think I want to stay any longer on this shitty planet and live a useless human life than needed? No seriously. What does it bring you to live the most terrible of all lifes? A human life. What does it bring you? You just slowed down the process for a bit. The universe doesn’t care. It’ll collapse into itself in every possible way so what’s the deal?
    I personally like eating meat. I respect your decision. But I will *never* understand it. I’m a logicaly thinking person and I see no pros for living longer. Your family will get over your death eventually. So yeah. Hope you respect my opinion as I respect yours and I hope you have a nice day.

    • The Chief Of The Kief

      Dutch Mapper, You’re too misinformed. The very fact that we have to cook our meat in order to eat it means we are not biologically meant to eat meat. This is why people acquire severe illnesses for eating raw meat.

      Actual biological carnivores, such as lions, are definitely meant to eat meat. *They have the digestive means to process it raw. And a lion doesn’t go around killing all the zebras around it for sport, like we do.* It would run out of a food source. It only hunts what it needs to feed its family. It knows how to live at balance with the environenment, merely out of instinct.

      We don’t, buddy. We’ve already wiped out countless species of animals, fauna and flora, which are vital to the ecosystem. We behave like a virus. Almost everything about our life style harms the environment in some way, you’re right about that. But the thing that harms it the most is the meat industry. It’s even more harmful than petrol-based transportation. Do a little research.

    • jadecoolness101

      The Chief Of The Kief are you autistic? Lions in the wild eat their meat IMMEDIATELY after killing it. Hell, gordon ramsay ate a puffin’s heart raw, RIGHT AFTER KILLING IT. We cook our meat because

      Get this.

      It’s been dead for a while. It’s food. And guess what likes to eat food?


      We cook our food to kill the bacteria that are on it, not because our bodies can’t process it.

    • The Chief Of The Kief


      First of all, do yourself a favor and do a little research before attempting to insult others with high-school level, inappropriate insults. Being autistic doesn’t automatically mean that the person is a moron. There have been many great minds such as authors and famous mathematicians who were autistic, who were also much smarter than everybody else around them. Look up Carl Gauss if you want an example.

      Secondly, while there is truth to what you say about bacteria, that doesn’t mean we can just go around eating any raw meat from any animal we want. There has to be a careful selection process you have to go through in order to avoid any illnesses and infections. Simply put, evolution has designed us to not be as capable of processing raw meat as a natural predator. Freshly killed or not, a raw bite of zebra, cow, or anything, will be much more harmful to you than to a lion, or a wolf. *So yeah, our bodies can’t process raw meat properly, like digestive system in a natural predator would*. There is a reason meat eaters are warned not to eat raw meat often. If you lack the basic skill to look this up on google visit your nearest sushi restaurant and ask them wha foodborne illness is. *and why they’re required to put a warning sign somewhere it’s visible to all their customers.*

      Biologically speaking, we are hebivores. It’s another thing that we behave like omnivores by choice.

    • Lucas Prestes-silva

      +The Chief Of The Kief you sir need to read a high school biology textbook.

  • Кал

    It’s amazing how many people disrespect the work of respected medical experts such as Dr Cadwell Esselstyn, who proved that a low fat, whole food vegan diet can reverse coronary artery disease in chronically ill patients, yet simultaneously claim that they need meat to be healthy.

    • Jokez

      If you are gonna try to promote a vegan lifestyle look for a group of people that eat *only* plants and vegetables that live longer than the okinawans. Oh wait thare are none.

    • Кал

      Omega 3 fats can be obtained form nuts, seeds, and dark leafy greens. Fish is not required.

    • Кал

      There are no mass vegan populations. If vegans were healthier, we wont know until 2nd and 3rd generation vegans die for us to accurately gauge the vegan lifespan. From what we know of laboratory tests, vegan diets seem promising. Our main cause of death – excess cholesterol – is negated on a vegan diet.

      But as I said, we wont know if it is a diet that allows for a longer life until this genration of vegans have children who die as life-long vegans. It’ll take at least 70 years before we’ll have that sort of information.

  • Destroyer Cam

    Then there’s me, like the only meat eater in the comment section…

  • vicki morrison

    Ok so lots of people are farmers and depend on animal agriculture, but a lot of people also used to be slave owners and depend on slave labor for a living, so that’s a poor excuse for keeping animal agriculture around

    • Bubzy562

      Joseph isme Yeah I agree, but the economy eventually bounce back and found different avenues for that revenue 🙂

    • Tatenda Madondo

      Less than 5 percent of people owned slaves during that time. Where are you getting this “a lot of people” thing from? And you’re comparing humans with animals?

    • Krystal Morales

      Bubzy562 it created a war. So there could be an argument that it did upset the balance of the economy for a while. plus the reduction of slave workers was more gradual if you truly think about it because they just changed slavery to look different and they paid them for their work. I personally feel that slavery truly didn’t end until the civil rights movement. But like I said it just looked different so people called it differently but they still worked like slaves

    • Connor Dennhardt

      vicki morrison what the heck! That’s drastically different omg

    • Jordan Bailey

      vicki morrison Despite what people keep on saying, this is a great analogy. Both were forcibly enslaved against their will and used for the gain of those who owned them.

  • everest108

    Take it from someone who used to eat meat on almost every meal: Being vegetarian is easy. One or two weeks until you get used to it mentally and physically and that’s it! Afterwards it’s just like any other day, except this time you sleep better at night and you’re leading a healthy lifestyle!

    Also for those of you who want to loose weight fast, go vegetarian for one month, thank me later.

    • Кал

      @TableGT TDM

      If you have to gian weight, you can eat an excess of calories. If you’re looking to gain fat, then eat alot of nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils. There’s no reason a vegan diet can’t be used to build muscle or fat if necessary.

    • Кал

      @Sali lq

      Nobody cares. THis is a discussion about health, not which foods you like.

    • sali lq

      +Кал Okay you dont have to be rude you could said it nicely is not going to kill you if you do

    • Кал

      @sali lq

      I’m not rude very often. The reason I replied to you is because you interjected a nutritional discussion by saying which foods you like. Unfortunately, the taste of KFC wont cure heart disease.

      P.s. the reason why you love KFC is the seasoning, not the chicken itself.

  • Digging-graves- and-killing-thoughts

    I’m a proud vegan of 2 years:) I feel so much better!

  • Blacke Chan

    The world couldn’t go vegetarian without going vegan as well because in order to have dairy, you need to rape cows. What results from a raped cow? A calf and milk. People want to take the milk, and with the calf, they want to save it if it’s female to rape it and make more milk. If it’s male then what are they gonna do? The only practical option is to kill the male calf so that farmers don’t have to feed a bunch of cows that aren’t serving any purpose. You only really need a handful of bulls and their semen to rape all the cows…

    Admit it everyone – veganism is the only way to go!

  • Mudkip971

    But it wouldn’t be healthy. Meat is a good source of many different supplements needed in the body that can’t be found in vegetables. Some scientists even believe we evolved into humans by consuming meat.

    • Keana Astalos

      courtney courteau It’s estimated that 80% of people have a B12 deficiency, meat eaters or not. Which means that statistically speaking, you probably do too. I had a vitamin D deficiency before I ever stopped eating meat. Those two things have next to nothing to do with eating meat.
      And to say that your cholesterol levels aren’t dependent on your meat intake, or that it’s “invalid,” is ignorant. You don’t have high cholesterol because you’re like 14 and you’re probably relatively healthy. That doesn’t mean that a 50 year old man with an office job and the same diet as you wouldn’t have high cholesterol.

    • Empirical Vibration

      Mudkip971 That is hilarious as the actual FACTS are on the side of the vegan diet .

      What you have is wishful thinking , you like eating meat so you’re only looking for the reasons to defend that way of eating .

      if animal products were made for our body’s , they wouldn’t give us such adverse health effects .

      you’ll wake up one day and realise this way of eating has consequences , if not for you then the environment , the animals and your health, you’d be in such a small minority if not .

      but I guess you don’t give a crap because all you’re worried about is defending meat, instead of learning the FACTS that you could help your family and yourself with and greatly improve, if you don’t believe it that’s one thing , but it being true in reality is another .

    • Aniyah White

      Mudkip971 very untrue, sorry to tell you.

    • Mudkip971

      Very true sorry to break it to you

  • unknown

    I was raised vegetarian, and my whole life I would have kids in school tease me for it. They would say I’m going to die early, wave sandwich meats in my face and in general be horrible to me for it. I mean, the stereotype is that vegans and vegetarians are always rude about meat eater’s dietary choices, but for me it was the opposite. I wish people could just accept that I don’t want to eat animals and leave it at that, I don’t tell anyone else how to eat so why is it that everyone tries to tell me?


      unknown The same goes for me

    • unknown

      To the people who say I’m trying to get sympathy, I’m not. I left this comment not thinking it would get any recognition, simply trying to show what my experience growing up as a vegetarian was like. I hope that regardless of our dietary choices people can get along and respect one another. I personally think a majority of vegetarian/vegan youtubers are quite toxic and do nothing more than spread a harmful stereotype, even if I agree with their morals. Yelling and trying to shove your ideology down people’s throats helps nothing. 🙂

  • Austin Hernández

    I want to be a vegetarian but meat is just so DELICIOUS! And I hate almost all vegetables. I love green beans, and Ive been adding lettuce to my food like sandwiches, but that’s it. All other vegetables look disgusting to me(yeah I haven’t tried them all). It’s gonna be tough, I don’t know how I can do it, but eventually I really want to! I would start to miss meat though too! I don’t know. But hey I do love fruits! Apples, oranges, bananas, peaches, pears, watermelon, cantaloupe, mangos, you name it! I guess that’s would be a good start? I’ve been eating an apple or banana like everyday. Any advice on how to try new vegetables for very picky eaters though?

    • Lion Heart

      Austin Hernández Maybe you’d feel different about eating meat if you had to kill the animals yourself? I know you’re trying to be healthier, but if you think a bit more ethically about whether taste and ease is better than where it actually comes from, it’ll be a lot easier to come round and get out of the whole meat marketing influence. It’s like magazines; they express a ‘perfect body’ but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to have that mind set. Just because the market and advertisements are influencing meat eating and making it seem okay, doesn’t mean it is :/

    • Renzee White

      Austin Hernández you can try mock meats that’s what really helped me transition into the vegetarian diet and I love veggies but I hate beans they have a yucky texture

    • Sarah De Martin

      Austin Hernández do is if u and Thai potatoes?? U can ti a lot with them 🙂

  • Shravan Rao

    Funnily enough, the most aggressive commenters on this video are the meat eaters? (not all, relax). Some people are saying that being vegetarian or vegan is like being a religious nut? Well not really? A religion is based off of belief and is open to opinion as some may not share the same views. The benefits of veganism and vegetarianism are not beliefs, these are hard facts. You either accept them and try make a change, or CHOOSE to remain ignorant.

    • Shravan Rao

      Elias Walsh I don’t disagree, it would definitely suck. But it’s not that you were ‘wrong’ it’s that we were ALL misinformed and mistaken. Yes when a vegan or whoever seems to be forceful, it may feel like an attack. But you must understand that this is frustrating for them also. Making this dietary change is one that we must all strive towards if we wish to see and actual change in our health, the treatment of animals, and the environment

    • Josh Freeman

      Shravan Rao there’s more benefits of eating meat, so try to learn the actual hard facts

    • Shravan Rao

      Im not too sure what the attitude is for? Yes, meat definitely has plenty of dietary benefits!! BUT, there is SO MUCH more damage meat does – Not only in a dietary way, but also in an environmental way and the way in which cattle is treated.
      16% of global greenhouse gas emissions are produced by cattle farming – thats more than all modes of vehicular transport combined. Acres of the amazon forrest are constantly under deforestation to make more space for agriculture – not sure if you know this but the amazon produces more than 20% of the worlds oxygen PLUS so many species are in danger of going extinct as their native land is destroyed. The World Health Organisation recently classified most processed meats to be “Group 1” carcinogenic, meaning their is a direct correlation between processed meats and cancer.
      Its fine to like meat, but make sure you can support your argument.

    • Coffee

      Shravan, yes, 16% of global greenhouse gas emissions are produced by cattle farming, but even if we let all of the cows go, or let them live their lives in pastures, IT WON’T CHANGE ANYTHING. The only way to lower gas emissions is to kill most of them. Obviously deforestation is wrong, but you have a huge logical flaw there buddy.

    • Shravan Rao

      Coffee so you’re saying that things are already bad so may as well just continue? The first step to solving an issue it to identify and try stop the roots from which the issue is sprouting. Sure it may not lower gas emissions immediately, but it will stop it from getting higher/worse. The planet and the ozone layer has been proven to repair itself, but is being destroyed faster than it is able to heal. Yes killing the cattle is not a morally viable option but stopping them from being ‘mass produced’ will give the environment the opportunity to begin the healing process. Eventually they will die off as the natural course of Life rotates. And what about the never ending cycle of animal cruelty or the health damage that meat does that you seem to have just ignored?

  • Suyash Awasthi

    I am a born vegetarian. Never have eaten meat in my life. My parents have never eaten meat. Same is with my ancestors for over 5000 years in recorded history. Same is the case of 40% Indians and we are just fine.
    You can try Indian food, having a history of vegetarianism have led to so much variety of vegetarian food.

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